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CAUSA DE MARISCOS12.99 Homemade smashed potatoes stuffed with a Layer of mix seafood mixed in golf sauce with another layer of avocado topped with shrimp. CAUSA DE PULPO AL OLIVO10.99 Homemade smashed potatoes stuffed with octopus in a homemade Peruvian Black Olive Sauce. CAUSA DE TUNA7.99 Homemade smashed potatoes stuffed with tuna & light mayonnaise with a hint of lime. ADD AVOCADO SLICES TO CAUSAS$ 2.00 CHOROS A LA CHALACA9.99 Chilled Mussels topped with salsa criolla (chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro and corn). CONCHITAS A LA PARMESANA14.99 Scallops sprinkled with Osteon sauce topped with melted butter and parmesan cheese. Mouth watering! COCKTAIL DE CAMARONES13.99 Shrimp dipped in our golf sauce mixed in

with avocado and served in a bed of lettuce, presented in a martini glass. PIQUEO MARINO24.99 Have a combination of both our Jalea mixta and fish Ceviche! CHICHARRONES DE PESCADO11.99 Breaded, crispy fish accompanied with fried yucca. CHICHARRONES DE CALAMAR12.99 Breaded, crispy calamari accompanied with fried yucca.


CAUSA DE POLLO6.99 Smashed potatoes stuffed with chicken breast pieces mixed with light mayonnaise. CAUSA DE VEGETABLES6.99 Smashed potatoes stuffed with one layer of mix vegetables and light mayonnaise. ADD AVOCADO TO ANY CAUSA ABOVE2.00 ANTICUCHOS11.99 Grilled beef heart marinated in our garlic, chili sauce served with sliced potatoes and corn. ANTICUCHOS COMBO14.99 Anticuchos & Papa a la huancaina. PAPA A LA HUANCAINA5.99 Our delicious creamy White cheese sauce served over sliced boiled potatoes. YUCA A LA HUANCAINA6.99 Our delicious creamy White cheese sauce served with fried yucca. EMPANADA3.49 TAMAL CHICHARRONES DE POLLO11.99 BReaded chicken chunks with fries.