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(***) These dishes are available until supply last


1. Lomo Saltado7.99 Sizzling tender Skirt steak sautéed with onions, tomatoes &cilantro served with fries and rice. 2. Chaufa de Carne7.99 Steak fried rice Peruvian style 3. Tallarin Saltado de Carne7.99 Steak Lo mein Peruvian style 4. (***)Seco de Res7.99 Shredded/chunk cilantro flavored beef served with white beans and rice. 5. (***) Cau Cau6.99 Beef tripe stew served with rice 6. Pollo Saltado7.99 Chicken pieces sauteed with onions, tomatoes & cilantro served with rice and fries. 7. Chaufa de Pollo6.99 Chicken fried rice Peruvian style 8. Tallarin Saltado de Pollo7.99 Chicken Lo mein Peruvian style 9.Pechuga de Pollo7.99 Grilled chicken breast served with rice plus one side 10. Milanesa de Pollo7.99 Breaded Chicken breast served with fries and rice 11. (***)Aji de Gallina7.99 Shredded chicken topped with our yellow pepper/Parmesan cheese sauce served with boiled potatoes and rice 12. (***) Arroz con Pollo7.99 Cilantro rice topped with chicken and salsa criolla 13. (***) Adobo de Cerdo7.99 Pork stew served with rice and sweet potatoes 14. Filete de Pescado a la Parrilla8.99 Grilled fish served with rice and one side 15. Filete de Pescado Frito8.99 Fried fish served with rice and one side 16. Pescado a la Chorrillana9.99 Grilled fish topped with grilled onions and tomatoes served with rice and one side 17. Pescado al Ajillo9.99 Grilled fish topped with Peruvian yellow pepper cream

sauce served with rice plus one side 18. Mini Jalea9.99 Breaded mixed seafood & fish w/ yucca SIDES: Black beans, sweet plantains, tostones, fried yucca, house salad, salsa criolla (onions & tomatoes) .SAVE $$ AND TIME ….CANTINAS ONLY $32.99 (5 DISHES)$32.99